Welcome to Bosch Farms. We have been raising purebred limousin cattle for over 40 years. We focus on raising limousin cattle that will work for you. Make sure to follow our Facebook and You Tube pages for our most recent news.

It’s breeding season and we have 4 bulls left for anyone needed a bull for summer or fall breeding. Check out our for sale page to see the high quality bulls left from 2022 calf crop.

Some of last years highlights!
RMKR Ellie – Tops all lots at the Tri-State Sale!
RMKR Journey 166J – 2nd high selling bull at the 2022 Iowa Beef Expo

Wow, what an opportunity here on an elite female. She is a former champion and her bull calf was the 2nd high seller on our 2021 production sale. She is bred to our new bull L7 Hilton Magic 0031H, which could be an outstanding mating.

RMKR Hercules tops the 2021 Iowa Beef Expo Sale!

Thank you to Symens Brothers for your confidence in this powerful herd sire.
The RMKR Hercules calves are on the ground and look to be something special. They have have a big hip, lots of muscle, and a great look. Keep him in mind during AI season! Semen available through Grassroots Genetics.

For Sale

Are you still in need of a bull? We have 4 high quality bulls left for sale. Their quality is just as good as the others that have already sold so don’t overlook them. They are all tested and ready to go!

Thank you everyone for making our annual “Making them right” production sale a success. We continue to focus on traits that are meaningful to our customers and the commercial industry – disposition, calving ease and growth in an eye-appealing package. We welcome you to come by the farm for a good meal and our Bosch Farms hospitality!


RMKR King Author 206K
Updated VideoDBHPVL Hunker DownRMKR Youngstown 102Y
RMKR King of Spades 209KSoldVideoDBDPCELL Heavy Hitter 0011HRMKR Miss Tinkerbell 708T
RMKR Kindergarten Kop 216K
SoldVideoHBHPL7 Hilton Magic 0031HRMKR Ellie Mae 716E
RMKR Kit Karson 217KSoldVideoBHBCELL Heavy Hitter 0011HRMKR Facebook Friends 845F
RMKR Klark Kent 220KSoldVideoRDPRMKR Hercules 020HVL Hooters 042H
RMKR Knight Rider 221K
SoldVideoHBHPRMKR Hercules 020HMiss SYES Worktime 401A
RMKR Kattle Kall 222KSoldVideoBHPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR Fairy Tale Ending 838F
RMKR Kape Krusader 223KSoldVideoHBHPRMKR Ghost Writer 935G RMKR Grace Kelly 918G
RMKR Kubota 227KSoldVideoBHPHunt FredericRMKR Athena 324A
RMKR Kustom Made 229KSoldVideoDBDPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR Yada Yada Yada 105Y
RMKR Kingsman 234KUpdated VideoHBDPVL HunkerdownRMKR Cleopatra 518C
RMKR Keosauqua 235K
SoldVideo UpdatedHBHPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR Forsythia 806F
RMKR Kris Kringle 237KUpdated
BHPRMKR Ghost Writer 935GRMKR Goldilocks 923G
RMKR Karate Kid 238KUpdated VideoBHPHunt FredricRMKR No Passing Zone 236Z
RMKR Knock Out 242K
SoldVideo UpdatedHBDPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR Delaware 693D
RMKR Kemosahbee 247KSoldVideoBHPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR Princess Diana 652D
RMKR Kadyshack 253KSoldVideoDBHPHunt FredricRMKR Forget Me Not 801F
BHAT Klondike 264K
SoldVideoRedHPSYES Gene BankJWBL Wendy 55W


BHAT Kailey 200K
VideoDBDPVL Hunker DownRMKR Elizabeth Taylor 725E
RMKR Kandy Korn 202KVideoDBDPVL Hunker DownRMKR Faline 825F
RMKR Karaoke 203KVideoDBDPSYES Encore 315ERMKR Hawaii 040H
RMKR Kahlua 205KVideoDBDPSYES Encore 315ERMKR Good Friday 061H
RMKR Kate 208K
SoldVideoDBHPRMKR Hercules 020HMiss SYES 923U 891A
RMKR Kat’s Meow 210K
SoldVideo UpdatedDBDPVL Hunker DownRMKR Foxy Lady 837F
RMKR Kandybar 212KVideoDBDPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR Finnley 809F
RMKR Key to my Heart 215K VideoDBDPCELL Heavy Hitter 0011HRMKR Yasmine 128Y
RMKR Kettle Korn 218KVideoBDPRMKR Hercules 020HRMKR X-Out 007X
RMKR Klassey Lady 219KVideoBDPRMKR Hercules 020H RMKR Freckles 895F
RMKR Kiss Me 224KVideoDBDPRMKR Hercules 020H RMKR FX-Wife 005X
RMKR Kringla 226KVideoDBDPRMKR Hercules 020H RMKR Miss Time Out 752T
RMKR Kindred Spirit 228KVideoDBDPHunt Frederic EL Ms Waz Lady
RMKR Key West 230KVideoBDPCELL Heavy Hitter 0011H RMKR Miss Teardrop 738T
RMKR Kate Shelly 231KVideoDBDPVL Hunker DownRMKR Crispy Creme 548C
RMKR Katrina 236KSoldVideoDBDPHunt FredericRMKR Fascination 814F
RMKR Kellog 239KVideoDBDPHunt FredericRMKR Kazoo 254Z
RMKR Krackerjack 240KVideoDBDPCELL Easy Rider 7014ERMKR Foxglove 844F
RMKR Kiwi 241K VideoDBDPRMKR Ghost Writer 935GRMKR Gweneth 966G
RMKR Konservative 244KVideoDBDPHunt FredericJRGB Dressed to Impress
RMKR Keokuck 245KVideoDBDPRMKR Ghost Writer 935G RMKR Gabby 980G
RMKR Kalamazoo 246K
SoldVideoDBHPHunt FredericRMKR Friends Forever 822F
BHAT Keepsake 249K
VideoDBHPCELL Easy Rider 7014EBHAT Elsa 746E
RMKR Kalamity Jane 260KVideoDBDPRMKR Ghost Writer 935G RMKR Franchesca 833F
RMKR Krispy Kreme 265K
VideoDBDPRMKR Ghost Writer 935G RMKR Gloriana 919G


VideoSoldBlackRMKR Harper 009HMiss SYES Yahoo 375AExcellent disposition and a good look.