Bosch Limousin

Welcome to Bosch Farms. We have been raising purebred limousin cattle for over 35 years. We focus on raising limousin cattle that will work for you.

Our Beef Expo cattle are now pictured.

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For Sale

2021 Iowa Beef Expo Consignments
We will keep them until spring!

If you buy a bull from us at Expo we will keep them for you until spring. Make sure to talk to Bob or Brian about your purchase.

RMKR Hercules 020H
PB – 93%- NPM2291176
CELL Envision x RMKR Yasmine 128Y
Homo Black Homo Polled
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Wow, what a bull! RMKR Hercules is the high percentage purebred every breeder is looking for. He is super thick, with great epds, excellent performance. His 205 day weight was 843lbs making him one of the top performing bulls in the herd. If you need a bull that has the entire package make sure to look Hercules over closely.


BHAT Hedge Fund 011H
78% DB DP – NXM2324874
CJSL Dauntless x JWBL Wendy
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Hedge Fund is a unique breeding piece combing hot new genetics with proven cow power. His sire CJSL Dauntless is one of the hottest in the breed and his dam is a ROMN Justice x LVLS Farmer cow that has been a great longtime producer. Hedge Fund is really well balanced, easy moving, and has that easy going disposition we all love. Check him out on sale day!


RMKR Prince Harry 037H
PB- HP – NPM2291173
CELL Easy Rider 7014E x RMKR Princess Diana 652D
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Everyone that sees this guys loves the performance he brings to the table. He sports a 873 pound 205 day weight and an impressive 4.21 weight per day of age. If you need a performance because you know we sell most of them by the pound this is your guy.


RMKR Heart Breaker 014H
PB 93% Homo Polled – NPM2291169
CELL Envision x RMKR X-Factor 007X
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RMKR Hear Breaker is a really good CELL Envision son. He thick made with and abundance for muscle. His EPD package is what we all are looking for and combine that with his impressive performance this will be a bull you will want to add to your herd.


RMKR Hickory Park 002H
PB Homo Polled – NPM2291168
Sprng Crks Calvin Klein x RMKR Elizabeth 709E
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You know they have to be good when they are red and this guy is smoking good! He is why limousin genetics are used in the cattle industry. You will love the muscle this guy can add to a calf crop. His grand dam Miss Doubledown 410P is also one the best cows ever in the Bosch Farms herd so if you want performance with a predictable blood line this is your bull.


RMKR Handsoome Devil 022H
PB – 78% – Homo Polled – NXM2291170
COLE Cadillac x VL Frenchie 801F
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Heifer bull candidate. Handsome Devil is a cool looking, homo polled, low BW bull that every cattlemen will appreciate. He has that rare combo of low BW, good performance, in an eye appealing package. Look him over on sale and we think you will like what you see.



RMKR Hearts Desire 026H
78% – PB – NXF2291201
CJSL Dauntless x RMKR Xanadu 042X
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One of the coolest PB qualified heifers you could find! She will make an excellent show heifer and her sire has been producing champion after champion. You will love this heifers rib shape, depth, and ease of movement. If you want to get competitive in the PB ring here she is.

RMKR Hot Lips Houlihan 023H
CELL Envision x RMKR Extraordinary 034X
PB – NPF2291325
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Hot Lips will be an excellent show heifer and has a great disposition for a junior of any age. The picture does show the power this heifer has and when you see her in person you will be impressed. If you want want to show and then be a bull producing momma Hots Lips is your heifer.